Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wedding Season Part II: Ring bearer pillow

If you've been with me since last June, you probably remember the wedding mayhem that took over my craft-time around this time last year. And, if you're keeping track, we did an engagement party last August for yet another wedding--- this time my brother marrying his high school sweetheart. Haven't heard the story? Check out their love story in cupcakes.

While this wedding didn't call for quite as many crafts as last summer's wedding, I was given creative license for dressing up the little ones. I found that for all of the ideas on pinterest for flower girls and ring bearers, there simply weren't enough tutorials on how to make some of these things!

Burlap Ring Bearer Pillow Tutorial
Inspired by popular pinterest and etsy pillow designs, I used some leftover burlap from the table runners to cover a 8 x 12 pillow.

Start with a strip of burlap 54" x 9" and a strip of wide lace about 29" long. Fold the burlap in half so it is doubled up. This is to be sure the pillow doesn't show through the weave.
Lay the strip of lace right side up on the burlap and pin in place.

Fold under about 1" on the "raw" side of the burlap (all three layers: burlap, burlap, lace) and run a row of stitches close to the fold so that these edges are hidden on the back side.

On the folded edge of the burlap, fold about 1" of lace under to the back side and run a row of stitches close to the edge. The lace should now be attached at both sides, and sides should appear finished from the front.
With right side facing you, wrong side to the table. You will be folding towards you on dotted lines. Fold in the clean folded edge (figure left) then fold over the "raw" edge (figure right) so it significantly overlaps the other side.

With sham inside out, run a row of tight stitches down each long side of the sham (thick dashed line)
Turn right side out. Insert pillow form. Tack the center of the ribbon to the back center of the pillow. Wrap ribbon around to top of pillow and tie in a bow. Tack the bow well through the lace to the burlap so neither slips from the the top of the pillow and bow cannot be untied.

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