Saturday, July 28, 2012

Flower Girl Head Wreaths

I know, just when you thought that you'd gotten away from the wedding crafts and back to normal, I pull something like this. But, there is still one more adorable little craft that I was pretty proud of from last months wedding.

The bride wanted flower head wreaths on her flower girls (damn you pinterest and your big ideas). Knowing that time would be scarce the days before the wedding, but also knowing that fake flowers weren't really the aesthetic she would be going for, I fashioned these little wreaths out of dried flowers, wire, masking tape, and ribbon. 

The first step was to make a circle out of the wire. I used three lengths of light gauge wire to be sure it would be sturdy enough, leaving the end of the wire connected so that I could use a fourth length of wire to weave in the flowers as I attached them. 
Starting with the the fullest flowers (I used bleached broom bloom because it was what they had in stock) weave the flowers into the wire, tacking with small strips of masking tape at the back to affix stems. Using this same method, add any other foliage or filler flowers.

The final addition should be any focal flowers (I used yellow roses). After wrap any loose stems in the back with masking tape, I covered the tape with 1/2 inch yellow ribbon, leaving long tails for a bow.

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