Thursday, July 19, 2012

The stack of half finished projects

This winter, like every winter, I went through a pretty solid phase of trying to get rid of some stuff. After 18months in my little apartment (how did that happen?) I realized that things were starting to pile up. So, I decided to do that thing that all crafters intend to do, but don't want to do. I pulled out the stack of half (or more) finished projects from the corners of my apartment and decided finish them so I could put them up on Etsy and maybe get rid of them. Now this obviously made craft days a lot less fun, and is probably at least partly to blame for how little I crafted this winter, but at least I checked a few things off the list.

One of these projects was this puppy dog quilt that I started back in 2010 and never actually did the hand quilting on. It was another one that was intended to be a "stash buster" but I only ended up using about one piece of fabric from the stash (the puppy dogs) and bought the rest. Unfortunately, once it was done, I realized that I loved it way too much to sell it. Hand quilting on those little bones was a labor of love! So, watch out next person I know to have a baby boy.

The other was this little sun-suit that I made back in 2007 when I worked at Betty's Fabrics and finished, but never really liked. But, rick-rack makes pretty much everything better. So, one of my "craft days" was dedicated to attaching some spunky lime green rick-rack to it until I decided it was almost marketable. I'm still not really sure it'd sell. 

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