Saturday, June 11, 2011

Knitted Pillow Sham

Although the majority of my recent crafting has been wedding related (my entire apartment is covered in a layer of tissue paper) I have been working to, little by little, use up my stash of yarn and fabric before I have to move again.

Still trying to use up the blue yarn that I had to buy more of while working on the baby shrug, I decided that the throw pillows on my bed could use a little sprucing for summer. Because the brilliant blue reminded me of the ocean and waves, I tried to capture that feeling in the pattern I used.
I adapted this very bad scarf pattern to make it wide enough to cover the front of the pillow. 
The pillow sham ended up made f the ends of four skeins of yarn from different projects over the years. It is part cotton, part modal, and part wool, but all of the colors are just about right for renovating a throw pillow that just didn't quite match the colors in my room.

Using size 3 needles CO 84 sts
Rows 1-24
Row 1: K3, (p2, k2 to last stitch) k1
Row 2: P3, (k2, p2 to last stitch) p1
repeat these 2 rows 2 times more

Row 7: K3 (p6, k2 to last stitch) k1
Row 8: P3 (K6, P2 to last stitch) P1
repeat these 2 rows 2 times more

Row 13: K3, (p2, k2 to last stitch) k1
Row 14: P3, (k2, p3 to last stitch) p1
repeat these 2 rows 2 times more

Row 19: K3, p2 (k2, p6 to last 7 stitches) k2, p2, k3
Row 20: P3, k2 (p2, k6 to last 7 stitches) p2, k2, p3
repeat these 2 rows 2 times more

Continue until piece is long enough to wrap around the pillow with some overlap at the back (notice that I ran out of yarn before there was overlap, I don't suggest it!). 
Make button holes by evenly spacing four sets of (K2tog, YO) on one row worked in pattern, then continue with pattern as described above. Work 2 rows more. Cast off all stitches. 

Doggie Tuxedo

Most of my messes over the past month have been top-secret wedding projects that can’t be revealed until July, but I had to share just one little detail that wasn’t commissioned by the bride. My aunt’s little dog Milo got a hair cut and might get cold on a Tahoe evening at an outdoor reception, so I developed a pattern for a doggie tuxedo. He’ll be the best-dressed pooch at the party!
The body of the tux is made out of black fleece and the color is made from a little extra shantung from the flower girl dresses. I used three strips of black Velcro to make an easy to fasten and adjust strap around the belly, and a tiny tab of white Velcro on the collar just under the bow tie. Below is the makeshift pattern I put together for the project. I taped the two together to get the shape for the black fleece, and added seam allowances. Then used only the smaller collar piece for the white. Both were cut on the fold.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Four Month Old Cupcakes

Back in February, after slaving away in the kitchen over cupcakes, parogies, and jalapenos wrapped in bacon, I managed to forget my digital camera at the Super Bowl party. Since it made its way home to me I wanted to post some very belated photos of my Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers cupcakes from the big game.
I'd been looking forward to making Steelers cupcakes out of M&M's since I first saw their logo, so I was very excited when they made it to the Super Bowl and I got to carry out the plan.