Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kitching up the Kitchen

Maybe it's due to my many years as a nomadic student, but every year about this time I start to get the urge to move. As soon as the back-to-school ads arrive in my mailbox I suddenly get antsy for a change. Because moving is expensive and exhausting, it's usually easier to settle for the next best thing-- redecorating. This year the bad habit has already reared its head and it's not even Labor Day! After finishing up the pillows and jewelry board in the bedroom I got to thinking about the dingy towels in my kitchen and the dollar store potholders that just don't match my decor. Rather than bleaching the towels and buying some new potholders, I got crafty, as usual.
I made 4 hand towels (18x22) out of pants weight cotton twill, and used the scraps from my shade and some adorable kitchen fabric I just couldn't pass up at JoAnns to give them some personality.

The potholders are made from the same fabric with a layer of Insul-Bright between them and quilted on the diagonal. I was thrilled with my new additions until I tried to take a loaf of banana bread out of the oven and burnt by fingers. I would advise TWO layers of insul-bright to anyone who wants to try their hand at potholders!

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