Monday, August 1, 2011

DIY Quilt Patterns

As a 24 year old visiting the fabric store I have gotten pretty used to being greeted by the ladies at the cutting counter like Matilda is greeted by the librarian on her first day at the library, “Would you like me help you find a nice book with lots of pictures in it?” And while I’ve never had the courage to respond with “No thank you, I’m sure I can manage,” some days I feel like it. 
When I made my way to the cutting counter with a pile of fabric for my latest quilt (don’t worry, it was all designed around a piece from the stash, I promise!) the helpful woman cutting my fabric offered to help me find a nice simple pattern for a baby quilt—or maybe I would just like to buy a yard of fleece and knot it. When I told her that I didn’t use patterns she looked at me like I was a babe in the woods. 

Well, I am here to say quilting patterns aren’t for me! My favorite part of the whole project is sitting down with a sheet of graph paper, a calculator, and some colored pencils and watching the design take form. Typically, by the time I get it all pieced I have made at least one major renovation to the design, and that’s okay, because it’s my pattern.
So, my mess of the day today is again more nerdy that crafty, but check out the patterns I’ve putting together for my next couple of baby quilts!

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