Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jewelry hanger, upgraded

Although the picture frame covered in thumb tacks that has held my jewelry since college has served me well, these last few years my necklace collection has outgrown the Dollar Tree picture frame, and I finally got sick of picking up three necklaces off the ground every morning.
So, taking a note from my sister Hilary who made one of these back in 2005, I made my own no-sew jewelry hanging board to match the throw pillow I made last week. The best part is that the whole thing only took about as long to make as a load of laundry in the washing machine!

All you need to make this very functional wall decor is:
1 sheet of foam core
white glue
1/2 yard of high loft polyester batting
1 fat quarter cotton fabric (for non-quilters that means a piece that's 18x22 inches)
staple gun
about 15 finishing nails
picture/art hanging kit

Start by cutting the foam core in half "hamburger style" so you have two identical pieces about 15"x18".
Stack the pieces together, sandwiching a generous coat of white glue between the layers.
Double the high loft batting over, so that the whole board is covered in two layers and trim to size, leaving about one inch of overhang off of each edge.
Place the fat quarter over the top right side up and flip the board over so that the fabric is facing the ground and the blank part of the foam core is facing up. Staple the fabric tightly to the foam core, The smaller your allowance on each edge, the more staples you are likely to need. Be generous!
Decide if you want to hang the board tall ways or long ways and attach the art hanger to the back of the board. The nails should slip right into the foam core, you wont need a hammer.
Now flip the board over again and place the finishing nails into the foam core wherever you want to hang a necklace. Reserve a few nails to place into the board once you start hanging your jewelry and notice the blank spots.

Wait to hang your necklaces until after the board is on the wall, or else you'll be cleaning up a big mess like I did! If you only use one hanging kit in the center back, you'll also have to be mindful of counterbalancing heavier pieces on each side of the board to keep it level. To avoid this, just put two hangers on the back, one on each side and affix it to the wall on two different hangers.

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Murphy said...

So cute!...

i should show you my jewelry holding area. Not at neat. I probably have 10 times the amount as you.But the picture frames are very much the basis.