Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trying my hand at cake pops

If you're my grandmother, or have any need to keep a shred of respect for me, you should probably stop reading now, because this next craft isn't exactly one that I should be posting about on the internet. Just as important as embarrassing the bride with a tiara and sash, is entertaining bachelorette party guests with just about any phallic thing you can think of. And luckily 24 years of making messes left me well prepared for this particular task. 
Motivated by the yet unused cakepops cookbook on my bookshelf and the prospect of making people eat something rather offensive, I baked up a red velvet cake (I HAD to go there) and crumbled it up. After mixing the cake crumbs with about half a tub of frosting I swallowed my pride and took to hand sculpting my cakepops into crude shapes. The first one was funny, then I started to feel a little bit like a pervert. 
I used pink Wilton candy melts to make for a flesh-colored coating, and added a few purple chips in once all the pops had been dipped once to give each pop a (probably unnecessarily) life-like appearance. If you want more photos ask, but I couldn't bring myself to post them here for all the world to see.

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