Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life's a Beach Cupcakes

We're planning a little end of the year BBQ at the lab today and since I've earned myself a reputation, I volunteered to bring dessert. I wanted to do something fun to celebrate the last meeting of the school year and the official kick off of summer. So, with a little inspiration from Google Images I put together these cute day at the beach cupcakes.

I couldn't decide if I should make them in the water, or on the shore, so I made a batch of each with a single box of dark chocolate cake mix. The "beach" cupcakes are decorated white cream cheese frosting covered in crunched up teddy bear cookies (I realize just how creepy and morbid it is that the bears are resting on the crumbs of the their own brethren, but I'm hoping that you're willing to let it slide). I made the mistake of buying genetic brand Teddy Cookies, not realizing that they would come in pairs, so lets just pretend all of the sun bathing teddies are in committed relationships.

The "ocean" cupcakes have the same cream cheese frosting mixed with blue food coloring and are decorated with Life Savers Gummies (which I loved as a child and realized this morning taste like medicine) and I broke the cookies in half to put them in their "inner tubes." I am sure that I will get at least one joke from Dr. Mike about how it is inhumane to celebrate by drowning bears, but I think everyone else will get the idea.

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