Friday, May 6, 2011

"Suede" baby jacket

While on my mission to use up my stash this year I discovered, under a pile of minkee and batting, 6 skeins of Lion Suede that I picked up in a clearance bin at some point. I got my heart set on making these knitted baby Ugg boots out of the two skeins of green. But, with a bulky weight yarn I just couldn’t make it work. After 6 failed attempts at the boots, one of which I think would have fit me, I started brainstorming other things made of suede.
Using the same concept as the boots I settled on a baby-sized “suede” jacket. After some google scouring, though, I gave up on trying to find a jacket pattern I liked using bulky weight yarn and decided to bite the bullet and adapt my favorite kids sweater pattern for thicker yarns.

Right Sleeve
With CC CO 18 sts
Knit 1 row
Change to MC and work 20 rows in Stockinette Stitch (SS)
Row 23: Increase 1 stitch at each side of row (20sts)
Row 24: Purl
Row 25: Knit
Row 26: Purl
Row 27: Increase 1 stitch at each side of row (22sts)
Repeat last 4 rows 3(2) times more (28sts; 26sts)
Purl across

Back and Right Front
CO 24 (20) sts for front side, K across
CO 24 (20) sts for back side (76sts; 68sts)
Work even for 3 inches ending with a knit row
P 38 (36) sts, turn work, K to end of row
Continue working these 38 (36) 4 inches more ending with a WS row. Place on stitch holder.

Right Front
With RS facing join yarn to remaining 38 (36) sts.
BO 4 sts at beginning of the first row, K across (34 sts; 30 sts )
Continue to work in SS for 3 inches.
BO 34 (30) sts.

Left Front
CO 34 sts with MC
Row 1: K across
Row 2: P across
Row 3 (buttonhole row):  K2, yo, K2tog, K4, yo, K2tog, K4, yo, K2tog, K4, yo, K2tog, K4, yo, K2tog, K4, yo, K2tog. (43 sts)
Work even in SS until 3.5 inches from cast on, ending with a RS row.
At the end of final RS row CO 4 sts and join to stitches on holder. K across back stitches (76 sts).
Work even in SS for 3 inches.

Left Sleeve
Row 1: BO 24 sts at start of RS row, K across.
Row 2: BO 24 sts at start of WS row, P across
Row 3: K across (28sts)
Row 4: P across
Row 5: Dec 1 sts at each end of row, K across (26sts)
Work 3 even rows in SS.
Dec 1 sts at each end of every 4th row 4 times more (18 sts)
Work even in SS for 20 rows.
On RS row, change to CC and K 2 rows. BO all sts loosely. 

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Angie said...

This is so cute. I can't wait to have babies so you can make them clothes!!!