Friday, September 19, 2014

When in doubt, add paint

As you've probably noticed, for me part of the fun owning a house has been getting to furnish it. While some of my projects have been restoration of pretty old wooden things (I promise, you'll see them in upcoming weeks) some have been more simple, "just add paint" sorts of fixes.

Take, for instance my guest room. I wanted to use the chest of drawers my sister painted when she was in college (yes, mess-making runs in the family) as a night stand, but the yellow color it has been just didn't work with the color palette I wanted to use in the room. The scene though (Pismo Beach, sigh) is exactly what I wanted. So, armed with a quart of semi gloss "America's Cup Navy" I turned this (sorry for the terrible photo... I know there is a picture of it somewhere in my college photos)
...into this with just some new drawer pulls and paint.      
I went to the Goodwill and found this little end table, complete with creepy lion drawer pull    
...and painted it to match.    
Finally, in the living room I wanted a long piece to serve as a buffet/tv stand and found this piece of American history for $6.     
I know, you're jealous.     
Again, a combination of paint and new hardware brought it into the 21st century.    

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Hilary said...

It's funny to see. That dresser again. I can't believe you didn't paint over my mediocre artwork... But I'm flattered its found it's way to Wisconsin. Love the orange bureau!!,