Monday, September 1, 2014

Gotta start somewhere

There are a number of issues with my new home. The toilet may or may not be leaking, the basement shower needs recaulking, and half of the roof needed replacing. But, among these (perhaps more practically pressing) issues the one that I could not live with was the brown.

I can only assume that the college girls who lived here before just loved brown. They wanted everything to be brown! They thought that brown walls were chic. Or perhaps, they knew that brown walls weren't chic, but some misguided relator told them that brown walls would sell the house? I can't say for sure how it happened, but when I first arrived on Park St. everything was brown. Everything.

These photos, might I add, were taken at the brightest time of the day in each room. It is safe to say, the house was dark. You can't tell in the second photo, but not only are the walls brown, and the bookshelf brown, but the ceiling is brown. It was a little bit like a cave, or some creepy Willy Wonka chocolate fantasy. I didn't like it at all.

With movers headed across the country with a truck load of things, I knew I had to get some of these surfaces painted before they arrived.

I started with my bedroom. The intent was, of course, coral. The outcome was, well, pink. But, this was a pretty easy task and even at this (a darker time of day) you can see the room is lighter.  You will get better photos later. I promise.
Next, I took the brown, brown, brown craft room. Step one (which took a day unto itself) was to paint the brown bookshelves to match the trim.
Progress! Still ugly, but progress. Next I spent a day (and 2 coats of cheap ugly green paint) priming the whole thing. It's sad to say that the ugly green primer was a significant improvement.
Finally, I picked out a bright blue that Behr called "Spa Blue" to paint the walls, and painted the ceiling white, like a civilized person. 
The hallways and ceilings got a fresh coat of antique white, and a number of rooms remained on the "make less brown" list, but my final task of the first month (yes, I said month) of painting, was to tackle the living room. The kaka brown living room, painted to match the kaka brown stone fireplace. Sigh. I called my sister for advice on this one and wound up with this vibrant teal accent wall. 
I realize this was another total cop out of a post, but you gotta start somewhere....

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