Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ikea Hack Upholstered Bedframe (Part II)

While apparently double bed frames are a dime a dozen in rural Wisconsin, finding a queen sized frame (that could fit in the Echo no less) was more of a challenge. After 2 weeks of searching I came across someone trying to unload his daughters Ikea Malm bed (and was willing to help me wedge it in the Echo). Now for as much as I love their "marketplace" full of linens and kitchen gadgets don't need, most Ikea furniture is just not my style. I tend towards more classic, traditional pieces, and the clean, simple, Ikea stuff just doesn't do it for me. But, the price is right, and it is easy to break down. So, Ikea Malm it is. Unfortunately, it wasn't even the white Malm, it was the fake-birch Malm. Ugh.
This, I decided, simply was not going to work. And, I knew that lacquer thinner wasn't going the solve the problem.

So, I drove to JoAnns for 4 yards of "Soft and Crafty" batting and Big Lots for a cheap set of King sized sheets in the right color and set to work.
Just like I'd done with my foam core headboard last year at this time (but on a much larger scale!) I cut the king sized flat sheet into pieces large enough to cover the boards (two sideboards at 14 x 82, head and footboard at 42 x 75) and the batting into similar shaped strips. With copious staples (and my poor cat cowering from the sound of a staple gun), I managed to upholster all 4 pieces, cut the fabric out of the way to expose the holes I needed to reassemble it, and re-assemble the bed. I'll admit, I had to use a butter knife to "tidy up" the joints, hiding unfinished edges in the joints when I put the bed together, but overall, I'm much happier with the look of the bed now (please ignore the poorly fitting sheet and undecorated room... I'm getting there.)

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