Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wedding Etching

Another sadly under-photographed contribution to the big wedding were the bridesmaids and groomsmens gifts: etched beer mugs with our names and titles. The bride put together the designs in her reception fonts and I used the etching attachment on my Dremmel tool to transfer them onto each mug. The Blushing Bride and Dashing Groom each got one too, to assure that the bartenders never had to question if this drink was really for the bride.
Another hand-etched touch was the addition of clear wine bottles on each table for water. The bride and I painstakingly emptied 27 white wine bottles, soaked them overnight to remove the labels, and etched them by first cutting a pattern out of contact paper (used for lining shelves and drawers) then adhering it to the bottle and covering the stencil with Armor Etch for about an hour. Each stencil could be used two to three times (depending on how ornately they were cut) as long as we remembered to carefully remove them before before washing off the etching cream.

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