Saturday, July 9, 2011

This one's for the flower girls

The professional photos from the wedding made their way into my inbox last night, so I decided to take a break from avoiding my work to brag a little bit about the crafts that can finally make their official appearance on the blog now that the wedding is over. While I have more than a few crafts to catch up on I wanted to start with my shining contribution to the wedding, the flower girl dresses and baskets. The bride and I worked together to make a bundle of little pink organza flowers for them to drop down the aisle (which sadly didn't get much camera time) and ribbon wands for all the little girls (and little girls at heart) to wave on the dancefloor.
You might remember from a post back in May that the toddler girls dresses were purchased from Target all white, and I took it upon myself to pretty them up with ribbon rosettes and ties in coral. Since the dresses only came up to size 4T I got to make the two (see top) for the older girls. I adapted Butterick 5458 to be the right length, have buttons up the back, and be covered in three full circles of tulle to give all the these gals the same tutu shape the bride wanted so badly.
 The flowers they dropped were made out of organza, a process inspired by Happily, Becki that involved melting flower shapes over a candle and sewing them together. The bride has all the photos, so be sure to check out Lovely and Gracious for an update on the full project.
The ribbon wands, another of Hilary's adorable ideas were made out of 9 kinds of ribbon (satin, grossgrain and sheer) ranging from 1/8 inch to 3/4 inch wide and 3/8" wooden dowels cut down to 12 inch lengths by my new buddy at the lumber supply store down the street from my house. Using white duct tape torn width wise four times to be about 1/2 inch wide and 8 inches long, we carefully wrapped the ribbon one strand at a time onto the stick. Adding another strand of ribbon about every 2/3 of a wrap. If you were driving in southern California on May 18th you may have seen them flying out the window of Toyota Echo undergoing a durability test. If not, just look at how much fun they turned out.

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