Friday, July 15, 2011

Color Blocking or Color Coding?

Although I am supposed to be color coding open ended responses on interview transcripts, the crafty bug bit me while I was attempting to get back in the swing of real life. So, I pulled out a bag of soy/nylon yarns that I bought a few years back and searched for a something color blocked that I could make to use up some of the stash that I knew I would never knit up in to socks as I'd intended.
I found a free pattern from Pair Of Ducks Knitting for Evie's Dress that I added straps to by adding two 10 inch lengths of seed stitch (six stitches wide) to the back of the dress and buttons (also from the stash) to the front. I made the smallest size (CO 126 sts) on a size 5 needle, but made the skirt 10 inches long, just to be safe since everything I make ends up too big. To do the color blocking I worked the first 7 inches in yellow, then switched to blue for the skirt top, pintuck row, and seed stitch, saving the purple only for the bodice, then switched back to blue for the top seed stitch and straps. It might just be the cutest thing I've ever knitted.

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