Thursday, December 6, 2012

Origami Christmas Cards

Most of my Christmas cards are finally in the mail, so after much anticipation, I finally get to write about my noble kick off to the holiday crafting season.

One night while avoiding the grading that needs to be done, I saw some directions on pinterest for origami bows. Of course, the directions were not in English. So a few hours later I had found the directions elsewhere and finally found a good use for that stack of Real Simple Magazines that I keep saying I'm going to get around to going through.
The inspiration
About 6 episodes of Big Bang Theory later, I was surrounded by beautiful origami bows. Unfortunately, what seemed like a terrific use of my old magazines had quickly turned into something else I had no use for. 
Then I had a brilliant idea. Christmas cards! I printed a holiday message on a stack of neutral colored cards from Micheal's, then played around with different ways of attaching yarn to look like a bow. In the end I wound up punching a small hole on the crease, and wrapping the front cover like a present, then affixing the bow right on top of the tiny knot on the front with a scrapbooking glue runner.
Probably the prettiest Christmas cards I've ever sent. 

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