Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Marmie and Me Panda Hats

The Giants did it again. This was our second World Series win in 3 years, and we were excited. I think it's fair to say just about everyone who lives north of San Luis Obispo was excited. Pablo Sandoval, The Panda, slammed home run after home run in the post season, and won MVP.
Just after the game that sent them to the series I got note from my Godmother with this image of a panda hat, wondering if I could make her one.
While I know that I have already made some Pablo Sandoval panda hats, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try something a little different. The problem is that I couldn't tell if she wanted one for herself (a completely appropriate request in my opinion, I wear my panda hat proudly) or if she meant that she wanted one for her darling grand girl. So, I figured the easiest solution was to make two, one for each of them.
For these caps I started with the most basic knit beanie pattern I know, starting and ending with two rows of orange. From there, I just stitched on a set of black eyes and a nose. Next, I made a pair of black ears and doubled them over and filled them with cotton balls.
For a final touch I added their names (well, Marmie is a "grandmother" name, but the spirit is there) to the back and mailed them off for Christmas!

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