Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Ornament Wreaths

For weeks I've been eyeing those sparkly Christmas wreaths on pinterest made out of ornaments and wishing that I had the time to try my hand at making one. I had even gone so far as to start stockpiling dollar store ornaments in the crafting corner before Thanksgiving. So, when my mom and my sister came to visit last weekend, and both sat on my couch with their ipads, oooing and ahhing over the wreaths as well, it was decided. Forget going out, we were going to have a craft night.

My personal inspiration came from this shiny little number made of vintage glass ornaments from Of course, I would no more use vintage glass ornaments on a wreath than I would use them for cat toys. No, the plastic balls that go for 10 cents a piece at the dollar store work fine for me.

After pretty much buying out the 99 cents only store's ornament selection, and stopping for 3 styrofoam wreaths and the biggest bag of hot glue that Micheal's sells, we set up my apartment for some serious crafting. Beers were opened, glue was flowing, and Pandora played us Christmas carols to get us in the spirit.

It took about 5 minutes of planning for us to realize that we simply didn't have enough ornaments. So, back to the dollar store for more glitter we went! My mom stayed back to read instruction from a number of different bloggers on how best to go about creating these things. Some had very methodical approaches the involved organized concentric circles of ornaments, others focused on developing "clusters" of ornaments and working around the wreath that way. We, of course, took a more free-form approach.

Armed with upwards of 300 ornaments, we dug into our projects. My sister and I started by covering the perimeter of our wreaths with the largest size ornaments, spaced about 1 inch apart, then built up and in from there. Mom started in the center, with larger ornaments around the inside of the wreath, and worked outwards from there.

A few hours, a few beers, and few burns later we took some photos and spent the rest of the evening just basking the reflected glory of how lovely they turned out.

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