Saturday, October 13, 2012

Falling Up

It's October again. The weather has finally turned so I no longer have to hide from the heat in the air conditioned lab. The Giants are on their way to the Championship Series, so there's baseball to watch. I love the fall! Today, I even pulled out my little ceramic pumpkins and cinnamon scented candles to decorate for the season. In a moment of weakness on a trip to the fabric store for supplies for an entirely different project (you'll see tomorrow) I bought some kitschy orange taffeta to make shams for the throw pillows on my couch. It was such a quick and cheap fix, I might just start changing them for every season.

(yep, I made 3 pillows and the cat didn't even move).

1 comment:

Voltaire said...

Okay, that picture kind of freaks me out. Did your cat really not move? Weird!
p.s. This is Meghan by the way, in case I never mentioned that before...