Friday, January 21, 2011

New Years Resolutions

In summer of 2010 I moved across town and realized what an undertaking it can be to pack up all of the bins of fabric, yarn, and kitchen gadgets that I have accumulated over the last few years. Since I know that another move is not far off (thats right Inland Empire, by 2013 I'm running away and never coming back) I made my resolution for 2012 to do something about the stash. This year I intend to keep my cool when JoAnns sends me a 50 percent off coupon and use what is already in the house, and since goal setting works best when it is specific, measurable, and set in terms of "dos" not "don'ts" (thanks nerd, I know) I resolved to make at least one project out of the stash every month.
The first one, I decided, should be impressive, since this will no doubt fall apart by March like every New Years Resolution. There has been a huge bag of red Lion Brand Chenille yarn that has been traveling with me for the last 2 years since I saw a beautiful cable knit blanket for sale at Pottery Barn in 2007. 

I have started and given up more than once with three different sized needles. I've tried using two strands instead of one, tried cables, checkerboard, and even stockinette stitch all without liking the result.
This time I decided to aim low and just get the darn thing done. Surprisingly, I'm sort of in love with the result. But, I know that it defeats the purpose of using the yarn if I keep it, so I'm packing it away with my Christmas boxes and look, I already have a Chirstmas gift for 2011 taken care of! Here is the pattern I settled on.

Size 15 needles
10 skeins Lion Brand Chenille

CO 125 Sts
All odd rows: K5, P5, repeat to last 5 sts, K5
All even rows: P5, K5, repeat to last 5 sts, P5
Work until about 4 yards of yarn remain. Bind off in pattern.

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