Friday, January 21, 2011

Blue Cotton Elephant

Not every New Years Resolution project, I realize, can use up a heap of yarn that has been menacing me for years. I have a whole bin of single skeins left over from sweaters and sales, too. These single skeins always seem like the hardest for me to use up. This month, I pulled out a few that struck inspiration for toys.

This little blue elephant came from an extra skein of cotton from my first attempt at a sweater (it has long since gone to the rag-bag, so I don't need to worry about ever matching the toy). I used this pattern, but made the trunk a little shorter because I ran out of yarn at an inopportune moment. The big fuzzy ears ended up that way because I had a little blue mohair leftover from a pair of mittens and I ran out of the blue yarn before I got to the details.

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