Thursday, October 24, 2013

Not Sharpie DIY Mugs

I am a firm believer in mugs. I have an owl mug from my sister I call upon when I need to be wise. I have a kitty-cat mug from my brother that I use when I'm ready for life as a cat lady. I have a CGU mug from graduation that I use when I need to work on school things, rather than prep lectures. I have a huge sheep mug from my grandmother that I use when, well, when no one is looking. So, when I was plum out of ideas for a DIY birthday gift for my friend Beth, a mug just seemed like the natural choice.
It all started with this image on an early, hectic, Tuesday morning. As my students grubbed for points I thought of Beth in her office, just trying to stay sane in a cubical. We both needed this mug. And, you know how Pinterest is always covered with images of decorative DIY mugs. The pin usually says something like, "Sharpie on a mug is dishwasher safe!" If you actually follow the link, more often than not you find that no, Sharpie on a mug is NOT dishwasher safe. But, it seems as though Paint Marker on a mug, cured in the oven for an hour, is dishwasher safe. Luckily, I actually read directions this time.
Armed with a set of plain white mugs and a black paint marker, I set to work replicating the Vodka mug.
Once that was done, though, it didn't seem right to give someone just one silly mug. On the other hand, I couldn't very well make 4 mugs that all say the same thing. After all, there is a possibility that not every boss would think the mug is as funny as I do. Instead, I set out on the internet, scouring Beth's social media for phrases that might be well suited for a mug.
Finally, I decided that the backs needed a little something fun on them. So, since I was already just drawing on mugs, I did that too. I spent about 30 minutes drawing that lab, I expect that you're pretty impressed. What might impress you less: the back says, "If I have to put on pants the answer is no."

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