Monday, October 7, 2013

Blue Desk Blues

I bought a desk to my room when I first moved to Claremont back in 2008. The guys at the thrift store told me that it wouldn't fit in my Toyota Echo. I told them it would. They made me sign a waver saying if they broke it, or my car trying to shove it in the Echo, it was my fault. I signed it gladly. They still didn't want to try. They told me to go get my boyfriend, or someone with a truck. But, I was new to Claremont, I had no one. So, they tried halfheartedly to make it fit, then gave up. I had no choice, I took matters into my own hands. I pushed the seat back, unrolled the windows, and darn it if I didn't make that desk fit. Yes, the legs were hanging out the window a bit. No, I couldn't use the bottom 2 gears on my shifter, so I drove home in first, third, and fifth. But I did it. 

When I moved to Orange, that desk almost went back to the thrift store it came from. In fact, it was the last thing on the truck when I realized that even if it was kind of ugly, my new apartment was huge and empty, so I shouldn't turn down free furniture. But in my new place with my pretty new bedroom set up, the discolored maple just didn't have the feel I was going for. You know where this is going. 

I thought about painting it white, or yellow, or even a soft green. But then I decided that I would regret it, and probably still hate it a little bit, unless I went big. So, I bought a quart of Peacock blue paint and set to work at 7 am. 

I sanded, cleaned, and painted, and painted, and painted. Then, I spilt the rest of the quart of blue paint on the carpet and cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned. 

The final product, a lovely blue desk and a very faint blue stain on the rug. It's okay, I think it was worth it. Next up: the chair.


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