Monday, September 16, 2013

Ribbon on a tension rod

You've probably seen an image like this of ribbon on a tension rod on Pinterest. It's usually taken from the blog of some midwestern mom with a house big enough to have a sewing room. And if you have, you've probably thought: That's ingenious! I'll have to keep that in mind for when I build my first mansion so I can be sure to have a whole wall just for ribbon. Grouse, grouse, grouse.
Well, first off, I don't think Pinterest appreciates your tone or your sarcasm. It's not Pinterest's fault that midwestern moms have whole rooms for sewing, and you live in a 15x30 box. Remember, you get to pin things like this, and they have organize their ribbon while their toddlers nap.
Anywho, I, many months ago, pinned the picture of the ribbon on a tension rod. As I did, I groused that I would probably never have enough space for such a thing. And then the unthinkable happened. I moved into a bigger place. In fact, the selling point of this apartment was its 2 walk in closets. Yep, I said it: 2 walk in closets! This means that while no, I do not have a craft room, I do have a whole craft closet. I'm pretty jazzed. Naturally, the first thing that I did when starting to organize my craft closet was go in search of all of the things I've seen and thought, "... if only I had a craft room," things like ways to organize ribbon.

Enthusiastically, I hung a shelf across one side of the closet to split the space and make room for my amazing new tension rod ribbon holder. I gleefully organized my ribbon by color as I strung it on the rod. I put it in place and... WHAM. The whole thing fell.

Deciding that the shelf it was butted against must be to slippery, I used some leftover mounting tape on both ends of the rod to try to keep it in place. This time it lasted until 2 am when WHAM, the cat ran out of my room so fast I thought I was under siege.

In a final ditch effort to make this work, I created a "hook" out of tape (real classy-like) for the rod to rest on so it couldn't slip off. And, you guessed it, down she came within 2 hours. I snapped this photo to prove that it did, for a moment, stay in place, but as you can see, it had already fallen enough times I gave up on trying to make it tidy.
By this point, though, I had already spent an hour of my life on this project, and the ribbon was already on the tension rod. I had no intention of taking it off. So, I snipped off 2 lengths of narrow ribbon from one of the spools, grabbed a couple of thumb tacks and suspended the tension rod from a shelf. It's not as pretty as I'd expected, but at least it hasn't fallen yet.
There is a moral to this story, kind readers. This is, do not lament the midwestern moms and their craft rooms with lovely tension rod ribbon holders. The truth is it doesn't work anyway.

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