Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fabric Covered Storage Boxes

So remember back in December when I tried to make felt boxes to put Christmas gifts in and failed miserably? Do you remember how I knew, then, that sometimes the projects on Pinterest that seem too good to be true, actually are? Well...

As I got the new closets organized after my recent move, I needed bins to store accessories and things up on a high shelf in my walk-in. The organization blogs insist that the most important part of a tidy, aesthetic closet, is uniformity. If all the bins and hangars match, things just look better. Naturally, I couldn't just use the mismatched hodge-podge of bins I've accumulated over the last 10 years if I wanted a lovely closet. If I wanted a "photo-worthy closet"-- and after learning that term, who doesn't --I would need new, uniform storage. What I did not realize is that bins are really stinking expensive! I don't know if prices are up, or if my mom was just a saint to buy me matching bins from Bed Bath & Beyond when I was 17, but after all of the money I've dropped on various projects for this move, I draw the line at $100 worth of storage bins!

So, back onto Pinterest I went for ideas for DIY storage bins that I could make on the cheap.

One thing I'm sure you've noticed about the vast majority of craft blogs is that they're usually written by women who are at home all day with a gaggle of children, and somehow find the time to do all of these things while their babies nap. This consistently gives me a false sense of optimism about the level of skill and time required for a project. Oh, if she can do this while her baby takes a nap, I can certainly blast through it between my my afternoon and evening classes. It must be easy! I think. You've probably already guessed, this time I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

Following the directions from iheartorganizing (hey, I heart organizing, too, how could this possibly go wrong?) I set off to buy yards and yards of yellow fabric and spray adhesive to cover the 5 cardboard boxes I had used in my move.

After about 3 hours, many curse words, and most of a bottle of white glue hand painted over every seam and corner I had exactly one box. One ugly, expensive, labor intensive box.

(from iheartorganizing)


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