Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oh, brother

Early this month my cousin welcomed a new member to her growing little family. I had the best intentions of getting something in the mail to them by his due date, but given everything else I've had to do, of course it didn't get done in time. Finally, this week, with my desk clear (temporarily) of school work, I dusted off the sewing machine.

Using the same pattern from Making Baby's Clothes that I used for the Birdie in a Tree Overalls I pulled together these little overalls for baby Asher.
But everyone sends presents to the baby! While, yes, it is his birthday, and there is nothing more fun than a brand new baby, my heart always goes out to older siblings who have to watch the new baby get showered with gifts while they get nothing. As the youngest in my house, I was never in this situation, but I can imagine it's a little disheartening. I know that perhaps my sources have been a little biased, but I've heard stories of baby Asher's big sister being awfully brave and mature through the process of welcoming a new baby into the family. She certainly deserves something, too! So, with a yard left of the robot fabric I pulled out my favorite standby girls' dress pattern (the same one I used for Goldlocks) to make a matching dress for big sister Lilja.

Personally, I feel that little girls can rock robots just as well as boys can. I mean, it's a dress, that's plenty girly, right? I hope her parents agree.
About the time I finished cutting out this little dress, my mind already on to how darling it would be to use the same little Anorak Snaps on the dress as I did on the overalls, something terrible hit me. I remembered just how irritated my own big sister had been when she and I had to match. Oh, the eye rolls she would give my mother and I when Mom came home with matching outfits for us. It was painful for such a self-aware 10 year old to have to match her (ugh!) little siblings. I swore up and down that I would never, ever, make children match their siblings against their will.

Luckily, however mature and brave Lilja might be, she's not 10 yet. Hopefully she won't yet know to loathe me for sending (ugh!) matching outfits because I went and got old, and now I do things like this. Besides, they can always wear them on different days...

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