Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY Pillow Packets

While the felt boxes didn't work out at all, one pinterest packaging idea did work out just as promised. There were no directions, whatsoever, on any of the pages linked to this particular image on pinterest. But, one pinner suggested using toilet paper rolls. Naturally, I've been hording empty toilet paper rolls since I first saw this pin. 
They're pretty self-explanatory to make. First, cover the tube with a little glue and wrapping paper. Next, flatten the roll down. Trim both ends to make a semicircle on each side. Starting on one end, fold down each of the "flaps" created by the semicircle. Boom.
The wrapping paper was a little too flimsy and sort of warped. So, I took a pair of scissors to a free AAA map of San Francisco. 
As it turns out, whoever made these boxes obviously did not use toilet paper rolls at all. The packages I made were much smaller than those in the original pin, but they are the perfect size for earrings.

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