Sunday, January 6, 2013

Three things I learned while making felt boxes

You may have read that I made soap for Christmas gifts. Naturally, I wanted to make some sort of very crafty packaging for said soap. But, because soap is made out of oil and drain cleaner (who knew?) I didn't think a paper package would do at all. Then, I found it. Felt boxes! Perfect.

According to Pinterest, when you make boxes out of felt, they look like this.
 When I followed the directions to try it out, I learned some things:

1) Even "premium felt" doesn't look this that when you fold it. It's floppy.
2) Hot glue doesn't stick to felt, and craft glue, even when applied many, many times doesn't do much good either. Also, generic craft glue from the dollar store doesn't even really dry when left over-night. Spend the extra dollar for Elmer's.
3) Pinterest lies.
Nailed it.

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