Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bride and Groom Champagne Bottles

As the holidays roll around (yep, Target wins this one, I've given in and Halloween gets to be a part of the holidays) it's time to start attending engagement parties. That's what happens this time of year.

I know there was a time when engagement meant getting ready to move out of your parents house and into a new two-bedroom in the suburbs with your husband. In that time, people needed wedding gifts to fill up all that space. Maybe, somewhere, there are still people who do that, but I don't know any. Nope, when my friends get engaged it usually means they're either going to continue living in the tiny apartments they've been sharing with their boyfriends for a few more years, or that they've got to prepare to force all of the things that used to fill two adults' homes into one tiny apartment. Either way, the last thing that people need when they get engaged is stuff. They don't have any space for more stuff.

Instead, I took a note from my Dad's playbook (he say's the best gifts are the kinds you can drink and don't have to store) and bought a couple bottles of champagne (sorry, sparkling wine). I've seen those little outfits for wine bottles before, but they always look a little like the wine is getting married in 1989. I just couldn't do it. Too ugly.

 So, for the groom I attached a little black satin "bow tie" to a black elastic band (clean and new, that's important).

For the the bride I stacked two 9" ovals of white tulle, gathered them at one end, and attached them to the bottle with an extra wire hoop left over from my wine charms.
Fast, east, and the best part: not more stuff.

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