Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back To School Cupcakes

I know I'm a little behind in my back-to-school crafting, but I promised my team at the research lab a back-to-school treat this week at our meeting and when my advisor said "You're going to put little apples on them aren't you?" I took it as a personal challenge.
So, thanks to a little inspiration from What's New, Cupcake (this time my godmother, not my mother is to blame!) I put together some festive apple cupcakes for the group.
First, using red cupcake liners, prepare 12 cupcakes (white or yellow cake will work best). When the come out of the oven congratulate yourself on how pretty they look, because they are about to get messy and ugly.
Cut mini-donuts in half (like slicing a bagel) to make one flat side and one round side. Then, cut each round in thirds. Use 4 of these 1/3 wedges to top each still warm, lightly frosted cupcake (I know that was a lot of math-- another option is just to buy full sized donuts and cut them in half like a bagel and put half on each cupcake-- much more donut, but much less work).
Prepare frosting by adding a slightly terrifying amount of red food coloring to a tub of store-bought or a batch of homemade frosting. Move frosting to a plastic ziplock bag to use for piping. Pipe the donut covered cupcakes with pink frosting using a spiral design to cover the sides and top, then smooth out the frosting over each one to create a uniform shape. While frosting is still wet sprinkle generously with red sugar sprinkles. To reduce waste, work on a wire rack over a clean cookie sheet so that sprinkles can be "recycled" over more than one cupcake.
Cut green sour gummy strips (or any flat, soft, green candy) into leaf shapes. Top each "apple" with a small piece of pretzel and a candy leaf.

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