Saturday, June 11, 2011

Doggie Tuxedo

Most of my messes over the past month have been top-secret wedding projects that can’t be revealed until July, but I had to share just one little detail that wasn’t commissioned by the bride. My aunt’s little dog Milo got a hair cut and might get cold on a Tahoe evening at an outdoor reception, so I developed a pattern for a doggie tuxedo. He’ll be the best-dressed pooch at the party!
The body of the tux is made out of black fleece and the color is made from a little extra shantung from the flower girl dresses. I used three strips of black Velcro to make an easy to fasten and adjust strap around the belly, and a tiny tab of white Velcro on the collar just under the bow tie. Below is the makeshift pattern I put together for the project. I taped the two together to get the shape for the black fleece, and added seam allowances. Then used only the smaller collar piece for the white. Both were cut on the fold.

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Anonymous said...

that is soooo cute! and you are so clever! amazed at your abilities, did't get this from your grammy.thanks for sharing, love you