Monday, November 1, 2010

Stash-busting: Warm Cabled Cap

The weather has turned rainy in Claremont, so now the knitting kick actually makes sense. Back when it was 115 degrees last month, though I was stuck in the apartment for fear that I would melt if I got into my car. Since hats had become my favorite stash-buster (and oh, my am I in need of a stash-buster) I started looking for cute, but not boring hat patterns online. It was no easy task but here is the PDF of "Van's Twisted Rib Hat" from Dream in Color.
Since I only had a little bit of lovely purple Cascade 220 left I decided to make the kids size. I don’t know anyone with a little girl running around to dress up (but give it a couple of years!) so I don’t have much use for kids hats, but I figure it will make a good addition to a “Giving Tree” gift this Christmas.
It was a fun little pattern and kept my brain working, at least for the band. The crossover stitch didn’t take a cable needle, which I liked. I might just make another one.

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