Monday, June 14, 2010

A German sweater in Texas

May proved to be just as chaotic as I had anticipated between weddings, birthdays, and graduations, but I managed to make a few good messes (and failed to blog about them, might I add) along the way. The first experiment was a knitting project inspired by my mom’s hasty reminder that bare shoulders and full Catholic wedding ceremonies don’t mix.
Too broke and pressed for time to buy yarn I got to dip into my mom’s stash when I was home and head back to school with two skeins of what I assume was a wool acrylic blend my mom picked up when we were in Germany back in 2008. She insists she was probably never going to find a use for anything white and fuzzy anyway, so she didn’t mind seeing me put it to good use.
I used this pattern for a very easy little shrug just to cover my shoulders in the church. I ended up using a size 7 needle (my guage is always off) and couldn’t believe how fast it came together. I made it just the size the pattern calls for because I usually wear a size small top and figured it would be close enough. I'm lazy, I know!
I can’t wait to try the idea of just making a lacey rectangle and sewing up the sides into sleeves again! It seems to me you could use any yarn, any needle, and any lace pattern to make a quick little shrug for any occasion or season.

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