Monday, June 14, 2010

Cheesy, I know

The weekend after the San Antonio wedding was my mom’s 60th birthday. She has recently taken up cheese making and although she is too humble to admit it has made some delicious goat cheese, and some very unique blue cheese already. To show my support I pulled back out the Dremel to handcraft some cheese plates to celebrate her success in cheese making. I pulled a little clip art off the web and sat in my evolutionary psychology designing a little logo for her.

After making 4 small appetizer sized clear glass plates and one larger serving tray I promptly wrapped them and handed them off without taking any photos, but I did learn something very important to share, so I had to write about it. Once I got the logo to the size I wanted it, I reversed the image in photoshop to print it so I could tape the paper to the front side of the dish and etch the bottom of the dish so the eating surface doesn’t get textured.

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