Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Super Bowl Cake Pops

My friend Kelly had a sweet vs. savory competition to spice up the Super Bowl party this year. Enthusiastic about a 49ers NFC championship victory, I decided to go big. That's right: Cake Pops.

From one box of cake I made 25 pops, 10 footballs and 15 standard pops. 

The footballs I covered in dark chocolate and made stitches with candy pearls. The standard pops I coated with "gold" candy coating (full disclosure, gold was actually peanut butter. It did not taste good). My plan with the gold pops was to make them look like football helmets. But, the red "gel icing" I bought turned out to be about the same consistency as dollar store white glue (i.e., basically a liquid), so I ended up selecting the less pretty one's and covering them in a thin layer of this "glue" and rolling them in red sprinkles. I actually sort of liked the resulting effect. For the remaining pops I tracked down some more cooperative icing and drew on a little "SF" logo, then covered the icing in sprinkles.
Many, many, hours of hard work and most of the pops didn't even get touched. Too many other goodies. Bah. I almost didn't even blog it. That's how mad I was.

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