Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ready for a real mess?

My whole life I've been a mess-maker. As a little girl I got in trouble for puff-painting my own bedspread and melting chocolate in Tupperware on the electric stove, and now my roommates roll their eyes when I pull out my Dremel tool or the Kitchen Aid. I have always been curious and creative, and have finally decided to share my adventures, and sometimes misadventures, with the world.
I'm a graduate student in Positive Developmental Psychology at Claremont Graduate in Southern California, but was born and raised north of the SF Bay Area. You can't be a grad student without being a bit of a nerd, so be prepared for a good smathering of psychology talk and random facts, but then, you can't be raised in Sonoma County without loving good food, good wine, and good friends, so that ought to make up for some of it.
I hope you get as big a kick out of the messes I make as I get out of making them, and who knows, maybe you'll even get inspired to head out into the world and make a little crafty trouble yourself.

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